Without Florida’s Soil & Water Conservation Districts, it wouldn’t be long before the resources we take for granted would become unusable. The production of food, fiber, and many other essentials that depend on the excellence of our soil and water would decline. Even our beaches which make up a great deal of Florida’s tourism dollars would be affected and have a drastic impact on our economy.

To elicit the active support of landowners on a local level, Florida’s Soil & Water Conservation Districts were created to serve as a liaison between federal government and local landowners in order to address local conservation needs. Today there are more than 60 Florida Soil & Water Conservation Districts involved in statewide efforts to protect working land and all the resources related to it, including water. Thus, Florida Soil & Water Conservation Districts are a vital part of maintaining the quality of life in Florida.

Some of the strategies and special projects Florida’s Soil & Water Conservation Districts employ include:

  • Conducting surveys, investigations, and research on soil erosion and floodwater/sediment damages to improve conservation through science and common sense
  • Creating a network of public agencies and landowners in conservation activities including public land management, promotion of innovative agricultural equipment for soil conservation, water retention and management
  • Cooperating with or furnishing financial or other aid to land owners or other agencies to implement soil and water conservation projects
  • Educating the population via different programs to take better care of our natural resources

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