As consumer expectations began to change, developers adapted by providing basic infrastructure and services for any new communities being built. Community Development Districts (CDDs) represent an effective approach to creating communities that are attractive and enjoyable places to live.

CDDs in Florida date back to 1980, when they were devised as a way to finance and efficiently manage rapidly booming development across the state. Florida’s CDDs are responsible for much of the infrastructure built over the past decade in our beautiful state, including roads, recreational facilities, water, wastewater projects, and more.

Thanks to Florida’s CDDs, we can enjoy high quality infrastructure facilities and services with the comfort of knowing that the standards of our communities will be maintained, protecting long-term property values and our quality of life. With a CDD in place, residents are assured the ability to control quality and value for years to come.

Florida Insurance Alliance (FIA) supports the hard work and services provided by Florida’s Community Development Districts. As a member controlled insurance purchasing group, FIA provides affordable property and liability insurance to meet the needs of Florida’s CDDs in our growing communities. Our cost-effective insurance programs for Florida’s CDDs leave maximum funds available to local government to promote effective growth of Florida’s communities.

As the trust administrator of FIA, Egis Risk Advisors offers all of the following FIA coverages: