Once a complete wilderness full of swamps, wetlands, and pine woods, Florida is now one of the most sought after destinations for vacationers and residents in America.

Even the largest tourist destination, Disney World, benefited from the creation of a Florida Improvement District in turning nearly 40 miles of uninhabited pasture and swamp land into a global vacation destination that welcomes millions of visitors every year.

Due to the on-going public service of the Improvement Districts, the people of Florida continue to enjoy the quality of life they have today. The Florida Improvement Districts carry this out by:

  • Providing the basic necessities, like power and water, for building communities
  • Building roads and bridges to connect all parts of the state
  • Establishing emergency services and waste disposal to protect the people
  • Improving the quality of life through excellent public service in areas like flood protection, land stewardship, and infrastructure development
  • Making leisure dreams come true with highly rated recreational parks, golf courses, and amusement

Florida Insurance Alliance (FIA) supports the hard work and services provided by Florida’s Improvement Districts. As a member controlled insurance purchasing group, FIA provides affordable property and liability insurance to meet the needs of Florida Improvement Districts in our growing communities. Our cost-effective insurance programs for Florida Improvement Districts leave maximum funds available to local government to continue improving and beautifying our neighborhoods.

As the trust administrator of FIA, Egis Risk Advisors offers all of the following FIA coverages: