Increasing Achievement in Underserved Communities

Created more than 20 years ago to offer students and families an alternative solution to underperforming schools, public Charter Schools have raised the bar in academic performance. Today, more and more students are graduating Florida Charter Schools better prepared for higher education and the workforce.

Greater Flexibility, Increased Performance

Through greater operational flexibility in return for increased accountability, Florida Charter Schools are pioneers in education with their advances in student achievement. By empowering teachers with the ability to try new methods to help students learn, Charter Schools are developing effective new teaching models that can be replicated in traditional public schools. Their proven track record of success has shown that Florida Charter Schools have become a more effective use of taxpayer dollars towards education with a consistent increase in student graduation rates.

Closing the Achievement Gap

Today more than 600 Charter Schools serve our Florida communities and yet their demand continues to overgrow the supply.

As a member controlled insurance purchasing group, Florida Insurance Alliance (FIA) provides the most comprehensive protection against the risks that Florida Charter Schools are facing. Members benefit from broad coverage at a more affordable and stable cost as compared to the standard insurance market. By being better protected, they are equipped to meet the growing demand of our Florida communities.

As the trust administrator of FIA, Egis Risk Advisors offers all of the following FIA coverages for Florida Charter Schools: