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Protecting Our Communities

The need for Special Districts to develop, maintain, and improve our communities was first realized before Florida even became a state. Today, Special Districts are the most common and numerous form of local government. Without the services of Florida Special Districts, our land, our homes, and entire communities would be uninhabitable, unsafe, and severely underserved.

Even though they provide an essential role in our communities, a large number of Special Districts in Florida have realized the difficulty of finding affordable insurance coverage. Primarily due to financial stability concerns and a perception that these small to mid-sized public entities have a disproportionate exposure to claims. Districts that have been loss free for years still may find challenges in obtaining adequate coverage.

Florida Insurance Alliance (FIA) was created with the goal of assisting these public entities to secure affordable property and liability insurance, thus ensuring maximum funds are left available for local government to better the communities in which they serve. As the need grew, FIA’s program was expanded to provide affordable and tailored insurance solutions to meet the needs of Florida’s Public Charter Schools.

FIA is a non-assessable trust that allows eligible Florida public entities to group purchase and share risk. FIA is governed by a Board of Directors who support the mission of Florida’s local governments and Public Charter Schools. FIA is organized under FL statutes 768.28(16), 624.4622, and 163.01, which authorizes public entities to become members via a participation agreement. Each member receives their own coverage agreement issued by FIA which fully presents the terms of the coverage provided by the trust. FIA coverage agreements are written in accordance with Standard Public Entity terms and conditions.

Today, FIA protects more Special Districts and Charter Schools than any other insurance trust in Florida.

As the trust administrator of FIA, Egis Risk Advisors offers all of the following FIA coverages: